Safety standard for amusement family rides in recreational parks

When play different kinds amusement family rides in,which item do you think is the most important things.For the funny playing,safety,time...From our research,safety is the first and most important things in recreational places.It not only according to manufacturer produce,but also attentions for operators in amusement parks.

  1. Safety insurance measuresAmusement family rides facilities run by people in the air,the structure should be solid and reliable,and its important components appropriate insurance measures.When amusement facilities in operation,power supply suddenly loses power or equipment failure,harming by people,must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency stop device.Rides in running after failure occurs,should be bear by the measures.

  2. Passengers safety device.This include binding device,seat belts,safety pressure bar. Other security requirements.

  3. Amusement facilities should be in place and part of the necessary to set up eye-catching safety sign.Safety sign of forbidden sign(red),warning marks(yellow),instruction(blue),indication marks(green) and others.

    The amusement family rides facilities must be marked number of authorized strength,no overload operation.

amusement family rides amusement family rides

amusement family rides amusement family rides

How to install the simple carousel/low invest family rides carousel

Since the advent of amusement equipment family rides carousel,after decades of development,has always been the most welcomed amusement equipment in parks and other entertainment places.Because the convenient movement of simple carousel,the structure is relatively simple,but also a lot of entering the amusement equipment industry operators like this kind amusement project.Due to its structure is relatively simple,many manufacturers wouldn’t give the operator how to install,so many buyers just want to know the installation of the simple family rides carousel.Below is some tips for installing:

First,we would know the structure of the simple carousel,it mainly include orbit,drives,chassis,horse,middle column,umbrella stand and umbrella cloth etc.

And generally it consists of six orbit,manufacturers in the production,for the convenience of installation are marked on each track and ends at the ends of the top label,as long as that connected the label of the same,you can put orbit into a circular orbit,then connected to a fixed by screws and nuts,make sure the spring pad is ok.Or bit above a total of 12 screws,we should fixed the 12 screws ,such track installation is completed.

Then is the chassis and drive.Chassis is made up of eight pieces of fan section,each chassis have label,according to the label arrangement also can make a big disc.And use screws to fix 8 pieces of the market.Then drive parts into orbit and the broader market,insert family rides carousel iron was planted on the drive shaft plate above reserved round mouth.This step is completed can be easy to install in the carousel column and the carousel.

Third is to install the horse of simple family rides carousel.This is easier,put all the horse in accordance with the clockwise,circular tube under the carousel set into the iron shaft and drive,and then fixed by screws,carousel is installed.Put the column into middle of the market,screw eye on it and then screw.

Forth is to install umbrella stand and umbrella cloth,umbrella stand is made of eight groups,as long as the reference in the column screw eye can quickly complete the installation of the umbrella stand.Remember to install the pull rod is screwed in the umbrella stand,has been supportive of ensure that umbrella stand.Then put the umbrella cloth covered from top to bottom,tied umbrella cloth around the umbrella stand. 

Then last step is to turn on the control cabinet and power between family rides carousel,simple carousel even if successful installation.

family rides carousel family rides carousel

family rides carousel family rides carousel

The daily maintenance for amusement family rides in winter

Now it is cold weather in northern region,increasingly colder and colder weather,and even had heavy snow weather.In every winter cold weather conditions,outdoor amusement family rides due to weather condition failure occurs frequently,so how to make the winter maintenance?There are some tips below: 

In winter,the cold weather for outdoor amusement family rides that run on mechanical transmission,mechanical part and transmission will occur because of the freezing of lubricating oil bearing or gear assembly part friction increase caused by overload operation resulting in the failure,such as insurance or motor burned,bearing,gear damage failure.So how should prevent and solve?Actually very simple!Before operation every day to do the preparation before operation,in the case of not take visitors to equipment operation 10-20 minutes,through the principle of friction heat melted the freezing lubricating oil produced by friction reducing manned run time.

amusement family rides amusement family rides

amusement family rides amusement family rides

About the large scale family rides carousel common troubleshooting methods

Family rides carousel and other large scale amusement equipment in parks,amusement parks,entertainment places,you may find the rides everywhere.For the big scale family rides carousel,sometimes it may cause some troubles.So when we face these problems,how should we eliminate?This is some suggestions from our engineer:

1.line flow but can’t normal start

Methods A:a carbon brush with the surface of the conductive ring of dust,poor contact,use a screwdriver to press the switch down at start up. 

Methods B:voltage is insufficient,can be in the starting moment of observation voltmeter,at begging if voltage is lower,the motor will not be normal boot,but bold power supply wire under the square number,it is recommended to use more than four square and copper wire or alum wire six square above. 

2.if not the problems above,two people turn to promote the big turntable of the family rides carousel.If the resistance is too big to move,the tire air pressure is insufficient,can be to inflatable tires.Or the horse extrusion are too tight around the shaft bearing,the available wrench to adjust,the elastic medium can be ok.

family rides carousel family rides carousel

family rides carousel family rides carousel

Various amusement family rides with high quality and beautiful designs

Zhengzhou lurky amusement equipment company are producing different kinds of amusement rides,especially for the amusement family rides,such as family rides carousel,family rides pirate ship,family rides coffee cup,family rides flying chair,family rides samba balloon,and many other family rides from our factory.

We are the directly amusement family rides manufacturer here,rich experience on producing and exporting.We have exported these amusement equipment to many places and countries.Like USA,Canada,Brazil,India,Iran,New Zealand, Australia,UK,and so on.Our company has good repution on the abroad.

Now the amusement family rides are becoming more and more popular and welcome,you can find out them in the different entertainment places,such as amusement parks,children parks,resorts,squares,other indoor and outdoor playgrounds.Not only children and kids like the amusement rides,but also adults like to play the amusement rides.

amusement family rides amusement family rides

amusement family rides amusement family rides

amusement family rides amusement family rides

        Zhengzhou Lurky Amusement Equipment Co., the professional manufacturer of amusement family rides,established in 2000.We devote ourself to design and produce different kinds of family rides,like family rides carousel,double deck carousel,family rides pirate ship,family rides coffee cup,family rides flying chair,family rides samba balloon and other amusement family rides,also kids rides,thrill rides and other major rides for amusement parksmore..
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