【Name】:Wonderful lights family ride ocean walking

【Application Fields】Funfair playgrounds,amusement parks,theme parks,market centers,other themes parks.
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Product Description

Have you ever been to experience the “ocean walking”in Thailand.When first hearing this name,I think maybe ocean walking is a ocean world by human made.After traveling in that country,I am amazing of the entertainment ways.The workers will give you the sea clothes and headgear,then you will have a walk in the real ocean not deeper than 10 meters.


Recently our designers has worked out a very new amusement family ride,we call it ocean walking family ride ocean walking.It is the connection of family rides samba balloon and shake head family rides flying chair.This machine is very suitable for family to play.The main theme of family ride ocean walking is the ocean,and mystery meriaid,dolphin,conch,sea horses,other kinds of sea animals.When you see the naughty,lovely sea animals,you will shock and fall in love with it.Also with the ups and downs running trajectory,you may deeply attractived by the endless charming ocean.


Product structures

1.main material:FRP and steel

2.different nice decorations for family ride ocean walking,capacity also can be customized



funfair playgrounds,amusement parks,theme parks,market centers,other different themes parks


Technical parameter

Product name

Family ride ocean walking

Model number



6 cockbits


12 seats


4 m


Diamter 6 m


After sale service

1.we can provide the installation of family ride ocean walking video,if you require,our engineer can come to your place to guide the installing of the machine.

2.our amusement family ride ocean walking also can be customized according your requests.

3.long guarantees of our rides

Pictures showing

family ride ocean walking in different places

family ride ocean walking family ride ocean walking

under wonderful lights of family ride ocean walking

family ride ocean walking family ride ocean walking

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