【Name】:Hottest and charming lights merry go round

【Application Fields】family rides merry go round is very suitable for funfair parks, theme parks, children parks,people parks,and other playgrounds,etc.
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Product Description

Do you like the merry go round in amusement parks,have you ever seen it under lights in nights?It is another beautiful and charming scenes.You can see in the pictures,this is our new design merry go round are being testing in our factory.From the theme green lights,you will experience different feeling of the amusement family rides.Also you can customized the lights into pink colors theme,we can meet different customers needs.


It is one of the hottest merry go round in the world markets.It is a attractive appearance and vivid lights,so wlecomed by young people and children.When the amusement rides starts work,you will begin higher and lower on your seats ups and downs,while you will feel whirling by the rotating big turntable.Just like the real horse riding,so fun and exciting.


For the merry go round,it has different names,like carousel,carousel horse,family rides carousel,and so on.For the great joys the rides bring to passengers,more and more people fall in love with this kind amusement family rides.


Product structure

1.Material:Fiber reinforce plastic and steel

2.Capacity :21 seats,some small or large one for your customized.

3.Details of merry go round:rotating turntable,top roof,horse,lights and other decorations.



Amusement park,children park,people park,gardens,squares,shopping mall centers,outdoor playground,and so on.


Technical datas

Product name 

Merry go round

Model number 



21 seats 


6 m


3 kw


6.8 m


5-7 R.P.M


Led lights,music

Pictures showing

designs of merry go round and horse

merry go round merry go round

different lights of merry go round at nights

merry go round merry go round

merry go round are under testing in our factory

merry go round merry go round

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