【Name】:High quality amusement rides mini pirate ship

【Application Fields】Mini pirate ship is very suitable for children parks,kids parks,amusement parks,indoor places,and son on
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Product Description

Now more and more amusement rides has designing,some people will like experiencing the new one sometimes,but for the classic,most passengers have deeply love with them as before.Juse like the mini pirate ship,though has a lot big pirate ship are producing,the mini style also will popular for its small and delicate design.


This kind mini pirate ship is very suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds and other funfair playland.You just need one time to investment,receiving long time benefits.Lurky mini pirate ship is from our workmates mature design and great reputation technology.It is very easy to installation and controlling,just need one worker can control the ship.


Some people may worry about the using time,should be longer or less time using.Do not worry.All the material we use is the high quality fiber reinforce plastic and national standard steel.Its very important for the mini pirate ship painting,we use the bake lacquer technology,rather than painting.This kind painting can make the amusement rides more bright,durable,unfading.For these matters,you can using the mini pirate ship for long time.


Product structure

1. mini pirate ship details:ship,support arms,pusher machine,motor,lights,music and other decorations.

2.capacity is different,like 8 seats,12 seats,and some big size pirate ship.



Mini pirate ship is very suitable for children parks,kids parks,amusement parks,indoor places,and son on

Technical parameters

Product name

Mini pirate ship

Model number




Swing angel



8 seats

4*2 m

3.3 m




10 seats

6*2 m

3.8 m




12 seats

6*3 m

4 m



Advantages of our mini pirate ship

1.directly and professional manufacturer of different family rides

2.responsible designer and workers

3.customized service

4.good after sale service

Pictures showing

 mini pirate ship mini pirate ship

mini pirate ship mini pirate ship

other designs of mini pirate ship

mini pirate ship mini pirate ship

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