【Name】:Attractive appearance 36 seats double deck carousel

【Application Fields】people parks,children parks,amusement parks,theme parks,outdoor playgrounds.
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Product Description

There will be a carousel in every amusement parks,passengers like the attractive appearance and luxurious family rides carousel very much.Now the double deck carousel brings more fun to passengers seating on,mostly for its wonderful looking outface of more lights.


For 36 seats double deck carousel,there are 18 seats up while 18 seats first floor,also can be changed as your needs.As the same area,it can loading twice people at one time.This is the main reasons like this kind carousel.Family rides  double deck carousel usually is more luxury and attractive,beautiful colorful lights,wonderful adjustable music.It is so charming and interesting playing for children and adults.


Also some lovers choose the double deck carousel to play,you will fall in love with this extravagant amusement rides when you first seeing.For most girls usually like the extravagant,vbright lights hings.They will experience the heart moving by the ups and downs running of the horse.It is very comfortable ways to relax while image the beautiful lifes in the fairy tale castles.


Product structure

1.Material:Fiber reinforce plastic and steel

2.Capacity of double-deck carousel:36 seats,some small or large one for your required.

3.Double deck carousel:rotating turntable,top roof,horse,charming lights and other decorations.



Amusement park,children park,people park,gardens,squares,outdoor playground,etc.


Technical parameters

Product name 

36 seats double deck carousel

Model number 



36 seats


5-7 R.P.M


7.8 m


9 m

Customized items



After-sale service

1.we will afford the installation video of double deck carousel or our technicians also can to install when you required in your country.

2.we also help you make profits in short time as the suitable marketing strategy for your place.

Pictures showing

details of 36 seats double deck carousel

double deck carousel double deck carousel

double deck carousel in different amusement parks

double deck carousel double deck carousel

double deck in nights

double deck carousel double deck carousel

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