【Name】:Attraction family rides shark island

【Application Fields】Amusement parks,theme parks,travel places,resorts,other outdoor playground.
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Product Description

Family rides shark island is a new type amusement equipment,one of the rotating class rides.For the new and lovely appearance,it attracts lots of passengers to play.


Shark island has a big land in the middle of this amusement equipment,different shapes of animals on the island.While a big shark in the middle of the land,so is get the name of family rides shark island.Every cabin has a water gun,passengers can fight the animals in the middle.After hit by your water gun,animal will be blown and make various actions,more funny,lovely,naughty.If you hit on the middle big Mr. shark,it will back and forth around the center of the rotation,and a water jet.If you are missed of the hitting,Mr.shark will issue to you by water,then you should slide the hull to dodge attacks.


So many laught and funny during the war between passengers and the shark.Family rides shark island is a man machine interactive amusement equipment,very suitable people at different ages.When it is weekend,may you take your children to play together,you will enjoyed it so much.

Product structures

1.Main material:FRP and steel,pool

2.Main parts of shark island:shark island,sea animals,water gun,family rides,pool,other decorations.


Technical parameters

Product name

Family rides shark island

Model number



Diameter 14 m


16 kw


24 seats


12 cabins



Family rides shark island is suitable for amusement parks,resorts,theme parks,other funfair places.


Pictures showing of family rides shark island

family rides family rides

family rides family rides

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