【Name】:3 seats carousel diligence bees for family rides

【Application Fields】shopping mall centers,parks,indoor funfair places,market,family rides 3 seats carousel,and so on.
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Product Description

Luxury 3 seats carousel is so welcomed in different places by 3-12 years old children.It because of the various design and good look outfaces.Its design special,such as use the bee for horse riding,sun flowers for top roof,beautiful paintings by bright yellow and green.Many young people like this design mini carousel very much also for the good meaning of bees,it is a nice and diligence animal,it affords so many for our human.


Also this kind 3 seats carousel is very simple,easy to install and operate.More and more investors and family choose this amusement rides to use. You will not worry about the shipping and installation of 3 seats carousel,it is very small volume,needs less shipping package.Also we can send you the installing of it,from this way,you can just wait to use it in your place is ok.


Product structure

1.Material:Fiber reinforce plastic and steel

2.Details of 3 seats carousel:sunflower top roof,bees for horse riding,bright green and yellow color painting,other decoration.


Techinical data

Product name

3 seats carousel

Model number 



3 seats


1.4 m


2.6 m


1.5 kw





Amusement park,children park,people park,gardens,squares,outdoor playground,families,markets,etc.


Details of 3 seats carousel

3 seats carousel 3 seats carousel

3 seats carousel 3 seats carousel


Other 3 seats carousel designs

3 seats carousel 3 seats carousel

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