Operation methods of lurky family rides bumper car

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For the so popular using of family rides bumper car,managers always ask how to use the bumper car in good conditions.There are some options:

1.prepare works for using family rides bumper car.The console output of the first cable respectively to the positive and negative plate negative,and then the input power cords,after checked,connected to the power supply.

2.adjustable of the family rides bumper car.Close the total switch on console,power indicator,press “start”button again,“light” run,“working voltage” table have corresponding reading,make the working voltage readings for 16-24V range.Now if there is bumper car start at this moment,“working current” table there is a corresponding reading.When work delay in delivery modulated in 3 minutes,the users can adjust itself,such as the different requirements of delay time methods is to adjust the potentionmeter on program board,setting range is 1-7 minutes,points 7 files to adjustable.

3.using methods of family rides bumper car.Under common circumstances,the device could be used permanently after an adjustment,the operations is only need to close the “main switch”,press the “start switch”,circuit as you setting the working voltage and working time delay time.Once met special situation(such as passenger walked out of the car in the running process,or someone on a car moving),need emergency disconnect when the output current can press the button “very button”.

The “very button” has another role is when the load current for some cases more than through the flow setting value,the circuit to cut off the output current,the “flow indicator”,in a closed circuit,then troubleshooting,you need to run again,then you should press the button”very”,to make out of closed circuit,then press the “start button” effectively.

When you run the family rides bumper car,check the pressure of the tire gauge buffer first,this number should be kept in the range of 0.10-0.15 Mpa.After passengers set ready in the bumper car,fasten your seat belt,when after the start signal,with the right foot switch(take care not to loosen),turn the steering wheel,it will run.

family rides bumper car family rides bumper car

family rides bumper car family rides bumper car

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