Various options of family rides bumper car for hot playing

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Amusement family rides bumper car is a mobile game facilities,also a very old amusement park rides for playing,while it is still in the modern times.Bumper car is a very exciting and operational strong amusement equipment,both children and adults like this machine so much.In common,each bumper car can afford two person at one time,parents can take their child to play together.During the bumper,passengers can collision with each others,and parents can tech or communicate more with their child.

We are the professional manufacturer of the family rides bumper car,mainly divided into battery bumper car,ground net bumper car,sky net bumper car,and some new appearance for popular,like UFO bumper car,bumper car on ice,etc.So may you ask me,which type is most suitable for us?It is according your place conditions and investment details.

Like the battery bumper car,it is widely used in different place,it needs very small investment,if your place is not fixed or just start your business,this battery bumper car is for you better.You just need to harder of the ground,it can smoothly operate on cement floor;if you have a big and fixed place(your rent time is long),you can choose the electrical bumper car,either ground net or sky net is ok.

When you have more demands or questions for the family rides bumper car,you can freely contact us,we will service you well

family rides bumper car family rides bumper car

family rides bumper car family rides bumper car

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