Summer business of family rides happy car should do well in bad weather

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Summer weather is very changeable,sometimes irritable sultry abnormality phenomenon under the sun insolation,sometimes it is the impact of the storm.Professional manufacturer of family rides happy car LURKY make up remind everybody,for business at large of happy car at this season,in order to stabilize profits and reduce the security hidden danger,summer business at large car safety precautions should do well in bad weather.

  1. summer business of family rides happy car in hot weather.Under the condition of the hot weather,if people long time exposure or excessive movement creates the condition of heat stroke.So for business at happy car in hot weather conditions of users,the well site of sunscreen and ventilation is very important.Prevent bask in effect good awnings or colorful watts tent is preferred,at worst a sunscreen net always want some?From this way,not only can prevent bask in effect,is beneficial to tourists and equipment,and can keep more tourists visit,why not doing this?

  2. summer business of family rides happy car of thunderstorm weather.For business at happy car users first,the basic requirement of site is waterproof,so must users easy car site does not have shed indoors is set up,so we have the necessary conditions for the rain.But consider the safety of summer for lightning,hut the skeleton is generally made of metal,so easy to conduct electricity.If being struck by lightning is likely to cause great damage and even death to visitors,so also want to shed around the pillars of the packing of insulating layer.Of course,there are very few operating happy car users is flowing to operate,if you are in this situation had to be temporarily closed for few days while facing this thunderstorm weather.

family rides happy car family rides happy car

family rides happy car family rides happy car

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