New fashion family rides electric excavator/children excavator for hot

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Everyone has him childhood,every childhood is different.There are perfect things,funny,sad,tear.We hope our children has a beautiful childhood time,mostly will buy lots of toys to their child.Not only this,the toys are various,but also a lots of new fashion things to catch children and adults eyes.They often wish they can learn lot during playing toys.--The family rides electric excavator make children and adults happy and happy!

Now the new fashion family rides electric excavator can make this concept come true,it becomes very very popular when it begins to market.It is a kind of electric hydraulic amusement equipment,mainly make up from the chassis,movable arm,arm,bucket,power unit,control unit,slewing bearing,rotary motor,hydraulic cylinder,electronic auxiliary control system composition,with slower speed,strong controller system.Electric excavator generally powered by electric motor,drive hydraulic pump work by the control unit,the pressure distribution to a single hydraulic cylinder,principles is same as the big excavator.

Amusement family rides electric excavator is very suitable for amusement parks,shopping malls,experience and science technology museum and other indoor or outdoor places,is used to provide adults and children a real experience of excavator operation.

family rides electric excavator family rides electric excavator

family rides electric excavator family rides electric excavator

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