Safety standard for amusement family rides in recreational parks

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When play different kinds amusement family rides in,which item do you think is the most important things.For the funny playing,safety,time...From our research,safety is the first and most important things in recreational places.It not only according to manufacturer produce,but also attentions for operators in amusement parks.

  1. Safety insurance measuresAmusement family rides facilities run by people in the air,the structure should be solid and reliable,and its important components appropriate insurance measures.When amusement facilities in operation,power supply suddenly loses power or equipment failure,harming by people,must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency stop device.Rides in running after failure occurs,should be bear by the measures.

  2. Passengers safety device.This include binding device,seat belts,safety pressure bar. Other security requirements.

  3. Amusement facilities should be in place and part of the necessary to set up eye-catching safety sign.Safety sign of forbidden sign(red),warning marks(yellow),instruction(blue),indication marks(green) and others.

    The amusement family rides facilities must be marked number of authorized strength,no overload operation.

amusement family rides amusement family rides

amusement family rides amusement family rides

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