About the large scale family rides carousel common troubleshooting methods

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Family rides carousel and other large scale amusement equipment in parks,amusement parks,entertainment places,you may find the rides everywhere.For the big scale family rides carousel,sometimes it may cause some troubles.So when we face these problems,how should we eliminate?This is some suggestions from our engineer:

1.line flow but can’t normal start

Methods A:a carbon brush with the surface of the conductive ring of dust,poor contact,use a screwdriver to press the switch down at start up. 

Methods B:voltage is insufficient,can be in the starting moment of observation voltmeter,at begging if voltage is lower,the motor will not be normal boot,but bold power supply wire under the square number,it is recommended to use more than four square and copper wire or alum wire six square above. 

2.if not the problems above,two people turn to promote the big turntable of the family rides carousel.If the resistance is too big to move,the tire air pressure is insufficient,can be to inflatable tires.Or the horse extrusion are too tight around the shaft bearing,the available wrench to adjust,the elastic medium can be ok.

family rides carousel family rides carousel

family rides carousel family rides carousel

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