The 13th solar terms of Chinese--beginning of Autumn

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Do you know the Chinese 24 solar terms,today is the 13th solar term-beginning Autumn.Autumn is the weather turning cold by the heat,turn by colder transitional seasons,this term begin Autumn is the first solar term in Autumn.


Most people think it will be cold and cool after this season.But the real is not this.It still very hot,not less than one week.We should pay more attention to sunstroke.However,nature has changed already.There are different temperature in one day,it is cold in the morning and evening,but still hot in the day time.


We have an old saying”one rain,colder,ten rains make the frost”.After raining in Autumn,the weather will be colder and colder.Now the time is comfortable to have a playing double deck carousel in amusement parks,weather is very suitable,not too cold or hot.

beginning Autumn beginning Autumn

double deck carousel double deck carousel

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